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  • OT167

    Letter, handwritten on lined paper and addressed to Swansea RFC Hon. Secretary David Price, by Mr Arthur Jackson - re: Tom Jackson's Wales cap. Dated 13th November 1996. Postscript in top left corner by Mr David Price. Dimensions: w8" x h11 1/2" (w20.8cm x h29.6cm).
  • PH190

    Wales Team v Ireland 11th March 1893. Photographic reproduction. W6" x h 4" (w34.6cm x h 23.1cm)
  • TR016

    Athletics cup, Swansea Cricket Annual Athletics 1879. Made of brass or bonze, silver plated and engraved: "Swansea C Club Sports. 2nd June 1879. 2nd in 150 Club Hand Flat. 5 Yds. R. H. Brown." Dimensions: h4 1/2" (11.5cm) x w2 1/4" (5.8cm).
  • GS002

    This item is a guest item, appearing on our website for a limited time. See this spot each month to discover something new...
  • PH264

    Photograph, B&W, mounted on photographer's branded card. David 'Dai' Samuel, Swansea and Wales. Photograph by B Thomas 208 High St. Aberdare. Dimensions: w2 1/2" x h4" (w6.31cm x h10.19cm).
  • PH265

    Photograph, B&W, mounted on photographer's branded card. John 'Jack' Samuel, Swansea and Wales. Photograph by H A Chapman 235 High St. Swansea. Dimensions: w4 1/4" x h6 1/2" (w10.88cm x h16.62cm).
  • PH266

    Photograph, B&W, mounted and titled. Swansea United second fifteen 1935-1936 season. Taken by Jack Thomas Photographer of 12 St Helen's Road, Swansea. Dimensions: w18" x h14" (w45.6cm x h36cm)
  • GS001

    This item is a guest item, appearing on our website for a limited time. See this spot each month to discover something new... This sample of collected ‘thumb-o-graphs’ shows eleven former Swansea RFC players recorded alongside their autographs between 1905 and 1907. In the order of the images in the gallery above, the players (alongside the dates they played for Swansea) are: Frank “The General” Gordon: 1894 - 1906 Dick Jones: 1899 - 1910 Dicky Owen: 1899 - 1912 Fred Scrine: 1895 - 1901 Jack Bancroft: 1905 -1914 Billy “Willie” Trew: 1898 - 1913 Will Joseph: 1899 - 1906 Aubrey Smith: 1900 - 1901 Ivor Morgan: 1905 - 1912 Willie Arnold: 1903 - 1904 Dai “Port Tennant” Davies: 1901 -1912 The further stories of all players found here can be found on our website. Please feel welcome to search the collection to find out more. This sample was graciously provided by Dai Richards of Rugby Relics. On his website, you can find images of the whole collection of thumb-o-graphs taken during this period, among many more items. Dai can be found at:
  • AU001

    Digital Audio File. Conversation between Teifion Williams and his son Justin Griffiths Williams. Recorded pre-2014.
  • JY138

    Jersey, Swansea. White. Swansea C&FC badge on left breast. Neyland Mercedes-Benz logo on the right breast. Cotton Oxford brand logo on the right sleeve and inside collar. Double stripes navy and magenta across the breast and sleeves. (BJ Group PLC). A white number 7 on a magenta diamond on the reverse.
  • JY137

    Jersey, Wales. Red. RWC 1999. P.O.W feathers on the left breast, with white Cymru on a green banner beneath, and Ariannin CRB in white below. IRB Rugby World Cup 1999 logo on the right breast. Reebok logo beneath the collar and a white Welsh dragon on the right collar. Lower front left, a white triangle with a Welsh flag tag attached. The sleeves are cut short. White number 6 on the reverse. White Cymru in a red banner on the back of the collar.
  • JY136

    Jersey, Wales, 125th Anniversary. Black with white and red flashes on the shoulders. WRU logo on the left breast with 'W.R.U. 125 Years' above. Red Cymru on green band below. Colin Charvis player legacy number 946 beneath. White Reebok logo on right breast and inside collar. White Brains sponsor and logo on chest. 'Cymru v. Awstralia 26ain Tachwedd 2005' embroidered in white on right sleeve, with 'Cymru am Byth' in green. On the left sleeve a white number 6 with P.O.W feathers and 125 in black at the bottom. Bottom left front, a white Playdry logo. On the reverse, Charvis and the number 6 with the P.O.W feathers in white. Green dot and red Welsh dragon beneath the collar on the reverse.
  • JY135

    Jersey, South Africa. Green with gold collar. Springbok motif on the left breast. Castle Lager sponsor on chest. Nike tick sponsor on front gold collar. 'SA vs Wales 26/06/2004' in yellow on lower left front. South African national flag on right sleeve. Yellow number 7 on the reverse.
  • JY134

    Jersey, New Zealand. Black. New Zealand All Blacks logo on left breast. IRB Rugby World Cup 2003 logo on right breast. Adidas logo beneath collar. Embroidered in black 'NZ v Wales Sydney 02-11-03' on left sleeve. Bottom front left, embroidered in black, a black fern leaf emblem and 'Richard McCaw 18th Cap'. White number 7 on silver border on the reverse.
  • JY133

    Jersey, Barbarians FC. Black and white hoops. Barbarians FC logo on left breast, Scottish Amicable sponsor on right breast. Cotton Traders logo on right shoulder and inside collar. Black number 6 on white square on the reverse.
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  • PH259

    Photographs B&W, set of two taken at St Helen's ground. Swansea v New Zealand 1924. Dimensions: w4 1/4" x h2 3" (w10.7cm x h8cm).
  • PH261

    Photographs reproduced in newspaper, B&W. Three annotated action images from Devonport Albion v Swansea in 1902. Published in "Black And White Budget" magazine April 5th 1902 p57. Dimensions: w 10 1/2" x h7" (w26.6cm x h18.9cm).
  • PH233

    Magazine reproduction of woodcut image, B&W, Swansea RFC 1st XV 1886-1887 season. Dimensions (image): w10 1/2" x h8" (w27cm x h20cm); Dimensions (page): w10 1/2" x h16" (w27cm x h40cm)
  • PH256

    Photograph on postcard, B&W, Swansea RFC 1st XV 1910-11 season. Postcard. Dimensions: w5 1/2" x h3 1/2" (w14cm x h8.7cm).
  • PH255

    Photograph on postcard, B&W (gloss finish), Swansea RFC 1st XV 1911-12 season. Postcard: Reliable Series published by J Lambert of Swansea. Photograph by A & G Taylor's of Swansea. Original is much faded with small hole in lower right of image. Dimensions: w5 3/8" x h3 1/2" (w13.7cm x h8.8cm).
  • PH254

    Photograph B&W taken at St Helen's ground, Swansea on Box Brownie camera. Dimensions: w3 1/2" x h2 1/2" (w9cm x h6.4cm).
  • PH253

    Photograph B&W possibly taken in Pontypridd on Box Brownie camera. Dimensions: w3 1/2" x h2 1/2" (w9cm x h6.4cm).