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  • JY073

    Jersey, President's fifteen, 1971, England Centenary, blue, black, green and orange quarters with English Rose motif and "1871 - 1971" on breast.
  • JY072

    Jersey, white and red quarters with English Rose and Welsh P.O.W feathers combined on shield on breast. Black number "14" on back.
  • JY071

    Jersey, England, 1911, white with English Rose motif on breast and "A D Stoop" sewn in on a label to collar inside.
  • JY070

    Jersey, England/Wales, 1929, thin white and red hoops with combined English Rose and Welsh P.O.W. feathers on breast.
  • JY069

    Jersey, Ponsonby RFC, Auckland, 1974, Blue and black hoops with Ponsonby RFC badge on breast and white number "16" on back.
  • JY068

    Jersey, England/Wales, 1923, white with English Rose and Welsh P.O.W. feathers combined on breast,
  • JY067

    Jersey, British Army, 1955, red with British Army badge on breast and white number "1" on back.
  • JY066

    Jersey, Middlesex Counties, 1945-1947 season. Thin blue/white hoops with combined Middlesex Counties RFC and Paris team motif on breast. Black number "1" on white rectangle on back.
  • JY065

    Jersey, Ireland, 1908, green with Irish Shamrock motif on breast.
  • CP035

    Swansea cap, 1897-1898 season, blue with "SFC" monogramme on front and "1897-8 on peak in white. Silver tassels.
  • OT023

    Mounted letter, single page, hand written on headed RFU note paper. 1896. James Brothers' reinstatement. Description hand written on mount board.
  • OT022

    Centenary brouchure Swansea RFC, 1973-1974, 100 page, Andrew Vicari watercolour of mervyn Davies on cover.
  • OT021

    Letter, single page, hand written. Dated 10.8.10. re cap donations to Swansea RFC.
  • OT020

    Flyer advertising meeting of Swansea & District Supporters' Club.
  • OT019

    Cartoon, colour reprint. "Shark Infested Waters", Official Swansea RFC Art by Jeff Giggs. Dimensions: w16 1/2" x h11 3/4"
  • OT018

    Ball signed. Origin unknown. Make: Surridge.
  • OT017

    Touch judge's flag, Matamata College tour of UK, 1974. Red with yellow border."Matamata College NZ 1974 and college badge in yellow. Reverse is blank red.
  • OT016

    Touch judge's flag, Swansea v Walker's XV 1951. Red with Ranji Walker's team 'Swan' emblem and crown in white. Also motto: Nil Desperandum Nisi Amicitia" All sewn onto cloth. Reverse is white with Walker's XV Festival of Britain 1951 St Helen's Ground Swansea" sewn in red on cloth. Wooden flag handle attached.
  • OT015

    Corner flag, Wales v Tonga, St Helen's, Swansea, 1997
  • OT014

    Flag of Basque region
  • OT013

    Flag of California Republic, white with red strip at base, red star and depiction of bear. "California Republic" printed beneath bear. Man made material.
  • OT012

    Large Welsh national flag. Green & white with red dragon, cloth. Lanyard ties attached
  • OT011

    Large "SC&FC" supporters' flag. White cloth with red strip on base and top. "SC&FC" in blue cloth sewn on.
  • OT010

    Ball from Welsh Cup final Swansea v Llanelli
  • OT009

    Royal Marines rugby ball