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  • Primrose Field Ground

    1879 Map of the area formerly occupied by the Primrose Field.
  • Swansea-Bay-1838

    An 1838 map of the land adjacent to Swansea bay.
  • SR-1874-1875

    Swansea RFC season breakdown 1874-1875
  • SR-1873-1874

    Swansea RFC season breakdown 1873-1874
  • SR-1872-1873

    Swansea RFC season breakdown 1879-1880
  • SR-1872-1873

    Swansea RFC season breakdown 1872-1873
  • NC010

    Match report from South Wales Daily News Monday 8th March 1880 p4 - Swansea v Lampeter College in the South Wales Challenge Cup Final.
  • MD013

    Medal, silver, engraved face, South Wales Challenge Cup winners 1880, pin holes for fixing at top and base.
  • NC009

    News article from the Cambrian Friday 5th May 1880 and a related illustration from the Cambria Daily Leader Saturday 3rd November 1906 p5. Subject: Swansea Football Team 1879-80.
  • PH224

    Photograph, B&W, Swansea First Fifteen 1879-80 season. South Wales Challenge Cup Winners. Dimensions: w10 1/2" x h8" (w26.5cm x h20.5cm).
  • SR-1879-1880

    Swansea RFC season breakdown 1879-1880
  • NC002

    Cambrian Friday 26th April 1872 p5. The search for a new ground.
  • OT143

    Pair of playing socks, Swansea RFC circa 1904, Wool, black with white turn-backs and white 'feet'.
  • CP042

    Cap, Swansea Schools Rugby (Union) League, 1935-36 season. Blue with white SSRL badge on front. white tassels
  • CP041

    Cap, Swansea, 1904-05 season. Blue with 'SFC' monogram on front and '1904-5' on peak. Silver tassels.
  • CP040

    Cap, Swansea, 1889-1890 season, mauve/blue with "SFC" monogram on front. No date on brim. Silver tassels.
  • MD012

    Medal, brass triangular with chain loop at top. Blue enamel with brass relief design - Swan sitting in water. S.S.R.L. underlined at top. Circa 1920s. Back is blank.
  • MD011

    Medal, bronze or brass. Enamelled blue border and GB Union Flag on obverse with "1907" beneath. "Football match U.S.B. within border. "April 1907" on plain reverse.