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  • OT082

    Ceramic plate, white with Llantwit Major coat of arms in centre. "Centenary Year" above, "1889" and "1989" either side and "Llantwit Major RFC" beneath. Also: "Presented to Swansea Athletic RFC" around base of plate. The reverse has hand-written details of the Llantwit Major coat of arms and a dedication from the maker 'Jeremy Phillip Pottery' to Llantwit Major RFC. Diameter: 7 3/4" (19.5cm)
  • OT074

    Ceramic plate. White with concentric patterns and representation of face in centre. Wire fixings looped through holes in base and "Hermance RFC" on reverse. Dimensions: 13 1/2" (34cm)
  • OT156

    Printed report on history & current status of St Helen's ground, Swansea. 32 pages printed on paper and hand annotated in pencil. Dimensions: w16 1/2" x h24 1/3" (w41.9cm x h61.8cm)
  • PH107

    Photograph, B&W, mounted on white card. Glamorgan county cricketer Emrys Davies receiving award. Dimensions: w14 1/2" x h12 1/2" (w37.5cm x h32.5cm)
  • PH106

    Photograph, colour, Combined Lansdowne RFC and Swansea RFC teams, 26th September 1982. Dimensions: w16" x h14 1/2" (w40.5cm x h29cm)
  • PH173

    Photograph, colour, Swansea RFC 1st XV 1982-83 season. w12" x h10" (w30.4cm x h25.5cm)
  • PH172

    Photograph, colour, Swansea RFC 1st XV 1982-83 season. w12" x h10" (w30.4cm x h25.5cm)
  • PH235

    Photograph, B&W Swansea RFC 1st XV team v New Zealand 1953. Paper copy of original. Dimensions: w11" x h8" (w29.9cm x 20.5cm)
  • TR004

    Sunday Telegraph English-Welsh Merit Table Champions 1982-1983. Silver plated goal post with silver plated rugby ball beneath, mounted on wooden base with white metal plaque: "SUNDAY TELEGRAPH ENGLISH-WELSH MERIT TABLE Winners 1982-83 SWANSEA"
  • TR005

    'NTL' Champion of Champions' Cup 19th Sept. 1998.
  • JY081

    Jersey, South Africa. Green with gold collar. Springbok motif on left beast with rugby ball beneath. No 6 on back. South Africa v Swansea 1969.
  • BZ004

    Blazer, Barbarians RFC, single breasted with Barbarians club badge on breast pocket.
  • BZ002

    Blazer, Wales, 1975 tour of Japan. Single breasted with two buttons. WRU badge and "WRU Japan Tour 1975" on breast pocket.
  • OT155

    Soft card match day ticket, Swansea v Barbarians 31st May 2023, St Helen's. Light blue, black print. Adult ticket (£15) No 495. Swansea and Barbarian club badges in top left. Dimensions: h5 3/4" x w2 1/3" (h14.75cm x w6cm). A name "Dr Ranjit" is written on the reverse in black marker pen.
  • OT154

    Soft card dinner menu for Swansea RFC 150th season Gala Dinner 26th May 2023. Black with white and gold print. Four printed sides. Dimensions: A4 folded single sheet.
  • OT153

    Soft card printed ticket for Swansea RFC 150th season Gala Dinner 26th May 2023. Black with white and gold print. Dimensions: h5 3/4" x w2 1/3" (h14.9cm x w5.9cm)
  • OT152

    Plastic season ticket Swansea RFC 2022-23 season. White with 2022-23 season club badge. Designation: 'Stand' Member No: 46. View of St Helen's ground and "150th Anniversary Season" on reverse. Dimensions: h3 1/4" x 2" (h8.6cm x w5.35cm).
  • JY128

    Jersey, Barbarian FC, 2023 v Swansea. Black and white hoops with "Gilbert" sponsor logo on right breast and Barbarian club badge on left breast. Text on lower left edge: "Swansea FC vs Barbarian FC St Helen's Rugby ground 31st May 2023"
  • JY127

    Jersey, Swansea RFC, 2023 v Barbarians. White with "Umbro" brand logo on right breast. Main sponsor: "Trade Centre Wales" logo on chest. Swansea club badge on left breast. Above sponsor logo is text: "vs Barbarians 150th Anniversary 31.05.2023. Maroon No8 on back.
  • OT151

    Bow tie, Swansea RFC 2022-23. Wite, maroon and navy stripes.
  • OT150

    Pennant, white with green tasles. Ballynahinch RFC. Pennant carries the Swansea RFC and Ballynahinch RFC club logos with the text: "Swansea RFC v Ballynahinch RFC Saturday 13th August 2022". Dimensions: 12" x 7 3/4" ( 30cm x 20cm).
  • OT149

    Club tie, Barbarians FC. Navy with Barbarians club badge.
  • OT148

    Club players' tie, Swansea RFC 2022-23. Cardinal red with a white diagonal stripe containing the 1872 original Swansea RFC club badge.
  • OT147

    Referee's whistle, Swansea v Barbarians celebratory match 23 May 2023. type 60.5, from J Hudson & Co "Acme Whistles". Solid brass, gold plated and engraved on one side. 'cardinal' red silk lanyard. Engraving reads: SWANSEA v BARBARIANS 23 MAY 2023. The Whistle is 2" (5cm) long.
  • OT033

    Touch judge's flag, Cotton, black and white split diagonally. Swansea RFC 150th badge and Barbarians FC badge in opposite corners. Text in gold: "Swansea RFC v Barbarian FC St Helen's 31st may 2023". This design on both sides. Dowell staff with yew handle.