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  • OT080

    Ceramic Plate, white with magpie and daffodil emblem in centre. "Clwb Rygbi y Tymbl" and "1897 - Canmlwyddiant - 1997" printed around rim Reverse lists the Tumble RFC's achievements. Produced by A & M Griffiths at Felingwm pottery, Dyfed. Dimensions: 8 /14" (21cm).
  • OT079

    Ceramic plate, white with gold rim. Silver jubilee Cricket Week at Swansea Cricket Club. Royal crown motifs and text on rim. Four cricket fixtures in centre. Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee celebrations. Produced by Royal Stafford, England. Dimensions: 10 1/4" (26cm).
  • OT078

    Ceramic plate, white with 'Five nations' motifs around rim and Welsh and 'Tri-nations' motifs in centre. "Undeb Rygbi Cymru" , "Welsh Rugby Union" and "1881-1981" in text. Designed by Swansea PorcelainLtd and produced by Coalport, England. Dimensions: 10 1/2" (27cm)
  • OT076

    Ceramic plate, white with gold rim and Newbridge RFC club badge in centre. "Newbridge RFC Centenary Year" and "1888 Trecelda 1988" in gothic print around rim. Produced by Silrurian Ceramic Carfts, Wales. Dimensions: 10 3/2" (27.5cm).
  • OT073

    Magic lantern Slide, B&W, Torquay Athletic v Swansea 1891. Dimensions: 3 1/4" x 3" (w8.2cm x h8.1cm)
  • OT072

    Vinyl 7" 'single' record in paper sleeve. Singed on side 'A' by recording artist Des Rawlings. Side 'A':- "A Giant (Merve The Swerve)". Side 'B':- "The Blind Boy".
  • OT067

    Printed Copy of lyrics to song "A giant" by Des Rawlings. Signed by des Rawlings. Dimensions: w8" x h10" (w23cm x 25.3cm)
  • OT066

    A set of four printed rugby football 'mourning cards' fro 1903, 1904, 1906 and 1907. From Swansea games against cardiff and Newport and wales v England. Black print on wites card 9faded to brown). Dimensions: w14" x h10" (w35.4cm x h25.4cm).
  • OT065

    Transcript of an email from Stephen Berg, Director of New Zealand rugby Museum. July 2013.
  • OT063

    Souvenir brochure of the first twenty years of rugby at Brecon. Published by Brecknock Museum
  • OT062

    Commemorative dinner menu, Swansea v Australia 1992
  • OT061

    Commemorative dinner menu, Swansea v New Zealand 1989
  • OT059

    Commemorative dinner menu from Swansea v Australia 1975. Folding card, black print ith green and gold bands on cover corners and SC&FC logo on front
  • OT058

    Commemorative dinner menu from Swansea v Australia 1973. Folding card, black print ith green bands on cover corners and SC&FC logo on front. Hand written note in blue ballpoint inside.
  • OT053

    Commemorative key fob, Swansea v South Africa 1994. Metal badge with plastic insert on black leather base.
  • OT052

    Commemorative clock with two plinths. 1900-1905 'Invincible Season.
  • OT050

    Menu, Swansea RFC 75th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. Stiff card outer and 8 paper pages within, tied together with red string. Dimensions: h9 1/2" x w6" (h24.4 cm x w14.4 cm).
  • OT049

    A type-written letter on paper, dated 28th September 1990. From D P Price (Hon. Secretary Swansea RFC) to Mrs R Williams. Dimensions (w21cm x h27cm)
  • OT048

    Tie, blue with Swansea club badge and Australian Rugby union badge and match score of 21 6 beneath. Swansea v Australia 1992
  • OT047

    Tie, South Africa, year not kown. Green with the South African Sprinbock image.
  • OT046

    Carpet square, commemorating the centenary of the South African Rugby Board in 1889. Dimensions: (w50cm x h50cm)
  • OT045

    Printed letter, written on headed SARFU paper with Springbok motif in top right corner. Signed by Jurie Roux, Chief Executive Officer SARFU. The letter congratulates Swansea RFC on the centenary of having defeated South Africa in 1912. Dimensions: w12 1/2" x 16 1/2" (w32cm x h42cm)
  • OT044

    Pennant, gold with white tassels and text: "New Zealand Maoris Team" and "Rugby 1982" with white fern leaf motif. Same design on both faces. 1982 Maoris rugby tour.
  • OT043

    Wooden ornament with traditional Maoris art engraved and silver plaque in centre with text: "To the Swansea RFC from the Maoris people of New Zealand Kia Ora 1982" 1982 Maoris rugby tour.
  • OT042

    Pennant, black with white tassels. "New Zealand N.Z.R.F.U." and "Rugby" in white with white fern leaf motif. Same design on both faces. Possibly from 1989 tour.