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  • CP005

    Welsh Trial cap awarded to Swansea forward George Hayward. Burgundy red. P.O.W. feathers on front with 'TRIAL' beneath. '1908' on brim. Gold tassels.
  • CP004

    Wales cap awarded to Swansea forward George Hayward, 1908. Red. P.O.W. feathers on front. '1908' on brim. Silver tassels.
  • CP003

    Swansea cap awarded to forward George Hayward in the 1906-1907 season. Blue. 'SFC' monogramme. '1906-7' on brim. Silver tassels.
  • CP002

    1904 Anglo-Australian Rugby tour cap presented to Swansea forward Sid Bevan. Red. 'A.A.R.F.T. (Anglo Australian Rugby Football Team) initials on front and wallaby emblem in gold. '1904' on brim. Gold tassels.
  • CP001

    Swansea Cap awarded to Tom Clark in 1880. "cardinal" red. 'SFC' monogramme and '1880' on front. Silver tassels.