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  • PQ085

    Stained wood commemorative plaque with The Barbarian FC club badge within. A Gold scroll beneath carries the text: "Barbarian Football Club". Dimensions: h7" x w6" ( h18cm x w15.5cm)
  • PQ084

    Stained wood commemorative plaque with white shield. Swansea RFC 150th season club badge within shield and "1872-2022" beneath badge. Gold scroll beneath with "150th season" in black. Dimensions: h7" x w6" ( h18cm x w15.5cm)
  • PH229

    Photograph (digital) 31st May 2023 at St Helen's. (L to R): Ian Davies Ben Whitehouse and Wayne Davies with presentation touch judge flags and (referee) whistle. Swansea v Barbarians.
  • Swansea RFC The Story Of 1959-1960 Compiled By Paul Tabram

    The 1959-60 rugby season of Swansea RFC, a description by Paul Tabram
  • OT071

    Letter printed on PC, on white paper. 5th June 2016.
  • PH175

    Photograph, colour, plain white mount. w11 1/2" x h8 1/4") (w29.7cm h 21cm)
  • PH234

    Photograph, B&W Digital copy of an original by H A Chapman of Stade Français team at St Helen's 1st April 1905. Dimensions: w16 1/2" x h11 1/2" (w42cm x h29.7cm)
  • OT126

    Watch, silver, engraved, white dial with Roman numerals. Wales tour to Japan 1975.
  • MD015

    Medal, silver coloured wth gold coloured rim. Sculpted rugby player scene within. Fixed into green presentation box with green baize interior. A plastic insert in the inside lid reads: "Principality Premiership Play-off Final 2009-2010, Runners-up." Dimensions (medal): 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" (6cm x 6cm).
  • PQ068

    Stained wood commemorative plaque with black cotton back and embroidered Llama beside rocks. "Argentina" in gold letters embroidered beneath. Glass cover. Maker's sticker on reverse reads: "Cuadros-Marcos Regalos". "Toreas". " T.E. 392-4926. Esmerelda 781 Buenos Aires". Dimensions: h12" x w10" ( h30cm x w26cm)
  • PQ025

    Stained wood commemorative plaque with copper plated metal disc embossed with wreath. Red shield within. White castle motif and "Bohemian R.F.C." in scroll at top of disc. Dimensions: h8" x w6" ( h20.5cm x w15.5cm)
  • JY125

    Jersey, White with no number on back. Black SSRU emblem on white patch sewn onto left breast. SSRU tour to New Zealand 1976.
  • JY126

    Jersey, Australia, yellow with green collar. Australian Rugby Union badge on left breast. Wallabies badge on right breast and Canterbury logo beneath collar. Green number 14 on back. 1992.
  • JY094

    Jersey, Swansea RFC, 1984 v Australia. White with a navy and a maroon stripe down sleeves. Adidas logo on right breast and shield with Swansea 'Osprey' motif with "SC&FC" on left breast. "V Australia 1984" beneath. No number on back.
  • Commemorative Rugby Jerseys

    PDF file of a project by St Helen's Archive Team member David Dow, describing the collection of commemorative rugby jerseys in the St Helen's Archive.
  • The 1930s Depression & Swansea RFC

    A PDF article on the 1930s Depression and Swansea RFC, written by Swansea University student Lucy Berry (2019)
  • 'Flying Dai' Harries 1896-98

    PDF file of a project compiled by St Helen's Archive Team member David Dow, describing the life and times of Swansea player Dai Harries.
  • The James Brothers and Professionalism in the 1890s

    PDF file of the project written by Josh Packman in 2019
  • White Gold - Swansea RFC 1872-1887

    White Gold - Swansea RFC 1872-1887 - book by David Dow
  • Swansea RFC 1872-2022

    Swansea RFC 1872-2022. 150th season brochure
  • Swansea RFC Since 1945 - Bleddyn Hopkins

    Swansea RFC Since 1945 - book by Bleddyn Hopkins
  • Images of Sport Swansea RFC 1 - Bleddyn Hopkins

    Images of Sport, Swansea RFC 1873-1945 - book by Bleddyn Hopkins
  • The All Whites - David Farmer

    The All Whites – The Life & Times of Swansea RFC - book by David Farmer - 1995
  • The Swansea story

    Book on Swansea RFC, published by Brinley Matthews - 1968
  • Charlie Saxton - The' All Whites' One cap Wonder

    PDF file of the feature article by St Helen's Archive Team member Paul Tabram