St Helen’s ArchivePreserving the past for the future


The St Helen's Archive is a powerful and versatile educational tool. Not only can it be used as a direct reference source, but by contacting us with your project, we can guide and even partner you in your journey through a subject.

By accessing the Student & Volunteer projects uploaded here, you can follow previously completed  work by students and archive volunteers. Their endeavours are available to enhance your own work. If you are working on a project featuring artefacts from the collection and you would like us to feature it here, let us know so that many more people can enjoy the work generated via the St Helen's Archive collection.

You can also access the growing collection of Player Reminiscences on this website. these are invaluable Primary Source accounts of people and events, direct from those involved in the varied matches, tours or other encounters.

We are active in the community as we strive to widen the number of people who can experience the physical collection. A weekly Sporting Memories session at St Helen's is run by Ospreys in  the Community. We attend these as volunteers and also have regular presentations of memorabiia for the groiup to enjoy. contact us for more information.

We also do 'Pop-Up Presentations' and if you would like to host one, you can contact us to discuss.